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Outer Space Adventure Party Centerpiece

Outer Space Adventure Centerpiece

Little astronauts will LOVE this Outer Space Adventure centerpiece, complete with rocket, aliens and astronauts!  The rocket stands over 17″ tall, and is surrounded by a ring of friendly astronauts and aliens, joined together with sparkling stars.  This centerpiece would be perfect for a baby shower or birthday party, and makes a bright, colorful addition to bedroom or playroom.

The Outer Space Adventure Party Centerpiece is made of quality cardstock, with fabric accents and scrapbooking brads connecting the ring characters.

This super fun party decoration can be purchased as a pattern and instruction book with PDF ONLY printable patterns on Craftsy.  The $8.99 pattern is available for instant download and is perfect if you plan to print the pieces on colored cardstock and cut the pieces out by hand.  Click here to view!

Pattern and instructions are also available on Etsy.  The $8.99 pattern is available for instant download and includes PDF, SVG and Studio3 file formats.  If you have a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine, this pattern is perfect for you!  Click here to view!

All of the cardstock you need to complete the centerpiece can be purchased at a ‘big box’ craft supply store for less than $4.75.  Bring the cost down to around $3.00 by using coupons!

If you would like to purchase a (mostly) ready made Outer Space Adventure Party Centerpiece, that’s available too!  The complete kit is just $32.99 and includes all of the die cut pieces you need, pre-assembled to make it super easy to complete!  Only top-quality cardstock paper is used to ensure quality results.  Click here to view!

You can check out the tutorial for completing the centerpiece kit on my blog post, Outer Space Adventure Party Centerpiece Pre-assembled Kit Tutorial.

I hope your little astronauts love their party centerpiece!  I’ll be adding coordinating party decorations very soon, so please stop on by again!



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Outer Space Adventure Party Centerpiece Pre-assembled Kit Tutorial

Outer Space Adventure Party CenterpieceOuter Space Adventure
Party Centerpiece

Thank you for purchasing my Outer Space Adventure Centerpiece kit!  If you haven’t bought it yet, please click here to visit my Etsy shop and place your order! I designed this to use as a centerpiece for a party table, but it would also make a great accent for a playroom, nursery or bedroom.  The rocket and surrounding ring are not connected, so they can be used separately.  I hope your favorite little astronaut loves it!

I’ve pre-assembled the components as much as possible to simplify the construction process.  Just follow the illustrations and easy instructions below to create your centerpiece.

Required Supplies:

  • 20” circle of “starry night” fabric.  I purchased 4 yards of 44”wide cotton calico and used the extra for a table cover
  • 20″ circle of poster board
  • 16 silver brads to connect Aliens & Astronauts
  • Ruler or yardstick
  • Paper glue
  • Paper clips
  • Pencil
  • Spray adhesive
  • Silver glitter for covering the brads (optional)


STEP 1:  Glue Rocket Nose along extended edge.  Use paper clips to hold in place while drying.

rocket noseSTEP 2:  Glue Rocket Base pieces together along extended edges.  Use paper clips to hold in place while drying.

rocket baseSTEP 3:  Fold side extensions on both sides of Rocket – USA Side and Rocket – Porthole Side
pieces toward the back.  Make sure all clips along the edges are open to help maintain curved shape of rocket.

rocket construction step 3NOTE:  Rocket Fins have been pre-attached, so they should be visible here.  I forgot this step when I was building my rocket to create these instructions and take photos!  I’ve added ‘cartoon’ fins to the next few photos to give you a better idea of how your rocket should look at each step.

STEP 4:  Glue long sides of one Rocket – USA Side and one Rocket – Porthole Side along extended edges, stopping at the bottom perforated line.  Use paper clips to hold edges while they dry.  Repeat with second Rocket – USA Side and Rocket – Porthole Side.  NOTE:  Be sure to allow the edges to dry completely prior to the next step.

rocket construction step 3Rocket pieces should now look like this:

rocket construction pieces dryingSTEP 5:  When glued edges of both sets of Rocket – USA Side and Rocket – Porthole Side are completely dry, glue the two combined sets together along the remaining side extended edges.  Use paper clips to hold edges while they dry.  NOTE:  Be sure to allow the edges to dry completely prior to the next step.

rocket construction step 5STEP 6:  When glued edges are completely dry, reach inside the rocket from the bottom and GENTLY push out the sides to round them out.

rocket construction step 6STEP 7 :  Attach Rocket Nose to rocket body

STEP 8:  Attach Rocket Base to rocket body.  I find that tape is easier for this step, as reaching inside from the bottom to glue them together is a bit tricky.

Rocket is now complete!  Let’s move on to the base.

STEP 9:   Using a ruler and pencil, draw lines to divide 20” poster board circle in eighths.

base_construction step 9STEP 10:   Use spray adhesive to attach the 20” fabric circle to the 20” poster board circle (the side without the pencil lines!)

base_construction step 10STEP 11:   Glue the astronauts and aliens face down to the back side of the circle in the following order:   Astronaut, Purple Alien, Green Alien, Orange Alien…repeat with the remaining four.

base_construction step 11STEP 12:   Turn the circle right-side-up and fold the characters towards the center.

base_construction step 12STEP 13:   Stand the characters up and connect them with the glitter stars, using brads to attach them.  The two stars with wider placed holes go between the astronauts and purple aliens.  Place the rocket in the center, and your centerpiece is complete!  NOTE:  I dipped the top of my brads in glue and silver glitter before connecting the stars so that they would blend in!

base_construction step 13And…Voila!  Super cool Outer Space Adventure centerpiece, ready for the party!

completed centerpiece view 1

completed centerpiece view2I hope you enjoyed putting the centerpiece together!

Please send any questions or suggestions to improve this kit and instructions to me at

Thank you, and Happy Crafting!