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Applique Patterns – Not Just for Fabric Anymore!

Have you ever seen a really cute applique pattern and thought “If only I could sew….” or “I wish I could find a pattern like that for (insert your favorite crafty pursuit here)!”?  Well, get ready for some great news – you can use just about any applique pattern for painting, paper crafts and more!

Take my “Love Those Shoes!” collection of patterns:  Over the Rainbow, Fashionista, Oh, So Coco! and Meeow! – now available in my Craftsy pattern store.  I designed these fun, colorful shoes almost ten years ago, when I tried my hand at hand painted needlepoint canvases, and they were so cute!  I’ve used them on note cards, in calendars…even Christmas cards.  A few years ago, I decided to focus more on sewing and quilting patterns and “Poof!” they magically transformed into applique patterns that make really sweet pillows, wall hangings, quilt blocks, and more.  If you can sew, you can easily follow these patterns to create pillows and wall hangings.

Late last year, I started thinking about other uses for applique patterns, and came up with a pretty good list.  Here are just a few:

  • Trace and paint them onto canvases, wooden signs, walls, floors, even furniture and plates
  • Create a stencil by tracing the pattern onto stencil plastic and sponge-paint them on all of the stuff above.
  • Roll out fondant and use the pattern or stencil to cut out decorative accents for cakes.
  • Create banners, table signs and more by tracing on card stock, cutting and assembling pieces.
  • What else can you think of?

Here are a few other applique patterns that are great for multi-purposing – these are even free!

Oregon Ducks Applique Patterns

Auburn University War Eagle Applique Pattern

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Blast Off to Outer Space!

A few years ago, my niece asked me to create a space themed quilt and coordinating wall art for her son Ethan’s nursery, and I was so excited by her request!  I jumped right in and designed Outer Space Adventure – a fun, bright quilt that combines applique and patchwork techniques.

A rocket blasts off and makes its way through deep blue space, past stars and colorful planets.  Applique blocks with cute astronauts and silly aliens alternate with patchwork “star” blocks to create the border.  Red sashing and a bright, geometric print complete the quilt design. You can purchase the Outer Space Adventure crib quilt pattern HERE

I immediately wanted to share the finished project with the world, so I listed it for sale on my website.  Custom orders didn’t rush in, but I did get an unexpected request for a pattern!  Martha, a lovely lady from Texas, contacted me and asked if I would put together a kit so that she could make a full sized quilt for her grandson.  “Of course!”, said I, and my pattern design business was up and running.  Happy to say that Martha loved the pattern and kit, and had a great time making the quilt!  Check out the photo she sent of her finished project (complete with grandsons) below center.  Purchase the full size Outer Space Adventure quilt pattern HERE

Both include an 11-page instruction book and full-size applique patterns. The instructions are perfect for beginning and experienced quilters alike. Detailed, step-by-step instructions, fabric requirements and easy to follow illustrations will guide you through the process and help ensure success!

I wrote a silly little poem to include on the gift label for Ethan.  Feel free to personalize it and use it for your little astronaut!